Creative Digital Signage for Festivals

Music Festivals across the country are using creative digital signage from Event LED Signs.

Owing to their higher pixel pitch and scrolling action, the highly engaging signs can show multiple information messages with different size text and graphics. The wide viewing angle gives distance readability day or night.

Modular panels allow for signs at any size, with scrolling or static text updated easily from a central laptop on site. The information is sent across the airwaves using our bespoke wireless system for instant information distribution throughout a site. A managed service or dry-hire is offered.

On-message Signage

Event LED Signs work with festival teams to ensure the style of messages is in keeping with the festival's image. The character of the event is always kept in mind when composing messages. Simple graphics, logos or an event's official twitterfeed can be used so information stays on-message and on-brand.

Scrolling LED Sign

Click an image below to see our work at that event.